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About me

rodo_img2I was born in Paris where my passion for african dancing and drumming became apparent at an early age. I was fortunate to be initiated in percussion by Guem, renewned drum master and artist. I completed mi musical studies on several trips to Africa and Brasil where he learned the art of drum making. Other major influences have been Terpsicore Trance Therapy and the Umbanda and Candomblé trance ritual traditions. My training in holistic therapy and spiritual healing help me to integrate the therapeutic aspects of sound, music and danse in my work.

I teach, play and perform, and faciliate Transpersonal Intuitive/Free Dance sessions in Spain where I live, as well as elsewhere in Europe, North Africa and in South America. I am a teacher in the master of “Dance Movement Therapy” of the University of Barcelona.

guarda hombre y tambor


Interview in TV3 program La Sonora in may 2013